Pet Your Pet’s Teeth!!

Pet Your Pet’s Teeth!!

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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

Pet Your Pet’s Teeth!!

For those who consider our four-legged friends as their “children”, I think it is important to know that Cats and Dogs, just like us, may suffer from dental & gum problems.

Since they are part of the family we try to take care of them and feed them well with foods that are suitable for them. But very often they are also given our food and this has consequences for their oral health.

For example: tartar forms especially on dogs’ teeth due to their diet rich in carbohydrates and all the morsels passed by their owner under the table while eating. This might give them inflamed gums and just like us, they may develop very bad breath.

Now, if a dog has a good relationship with its owner, it will allow its teeth to be brushed gently and regularly once a week, with a toothbrush (its own obviously) and special dog toothpaste. This helps against the formation of tartar & inflamed gums and will prevent bad breath.

But, when tartar has already developed, recognizable as brown, black or green stones or adherences at the neck of the teeth, they too may need professional oral hygiene to have it removed.

Approaching a cat with a toothbrush and toothpaste is a hazardous  undertaking and will certainly not lead to the successful removal of dental plaque or tartar. I absolutely advise against this. Cats take things very personally and will avoid you for a long time afterwards. Maybe it is better to offer them special treats for teeth and gum health as there are special dietary products, especially for kitty’s teeth.

It is very important to know that both cats and dogs can suffer from “periodontitis”,

(see Inflamm-aging! Or how your gum inflammation can accelerate aging) and they can lose their teeth due to this chronic inflammation of the gum.

Scientific studies have shown that the same strains of bacteria responsible for the pet-owners’ periodontitis are also present in the mouths of their cats and dogs. It means that periodontitis is one of the few diseases that can be transmitted between humans and dogs or cats. So WE are the ones who can infect our dogs and cats with virulent bacteria usually foreign to our pets, which may cause them to lose their teeth.

We are responsible for their health, so we must avoid making them eat from the same plate, or offering them food from our cutlery and should not make them drink from the same glass as us. And keep kissing limited to skin and furry coats, avoiding mouth contact.

For your information, there are veterinary services that do tartar removal using total anaesthesia, ultrasound and hand instruments, for cats and dogs.

And we have found the Los Angeles trained Susanna Romolini who offers oral hygiene WITHOUT anaesthesia for dogs 3932 0659064 or 340 5571561 and

We love them soooo much and can hardly ever tell them off, especially when it is about food. Still, the best way to love them is by keeping them fit and healthy not forgetting their teeth!!


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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

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