Women's International Network

Member Organized Events

We have a new calendar where members can insert and promote events that are organized by members or include an appearances by members. — This is a calendar all about us! (NOT to be confused with our list of events sponsored BY Women’s International Network)

So, what would qualify?? A garage sale, a meditation, a tutorial, an interview, the release of a book, or a happy hour shout-out… that’s all pretty good.  But a garage sale for your next-door neighbor… no, not so good.  A meditation organized by Oprah Winfrey, not good.  A book written by your niece is nice – but not good for the calendar,  Instead if you have an article or book on the newsstands – then, please, let us know.   Happy hour held by TGIFridays in Piazza Repubblica, nope – but held by Chloe or Sofia at their place of business, that’s not good – that’s great!!

HOW TO – it’s easy peasy…

1) sign-in to your profile by clicking on the MEMBERS SIGN-IN on the top menu of the website
2) once logged in, go back to the top menu and look for EVENTS & MEETINGS
3) open the menu and you will click on MEMBER ORGANIZED EVENTS
4) click on the button “Events Set-up” above the calendar
5) put in all the event info, include a photo, and put a link in the content
6) push save at the bottom of the page
7) a Board member will be notified. If it complies with the above guidelines then it will be approved and automatically shown on the calendar at the link below
8) if there are any questions, then a Board member will contact you for more info.