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INTRODUCTION to the NEW WIN Associazione

Women’s International Network of Florence is proud to announce its official recognition as a legal association in Italy’s third sector (associations not for profit and/or for social purposes), marking a significant milestone. While this achievement entails new and additional processes, our renewed dedication to privacy under GDPR ensures that your personal information requested for administrative purposes, remains completely secure and un-violable.

Expect to receive a formal copy of our updated statutes and an in-depth budget overview, underscoring our commitment to transparency. Despite these structural adjustments, our core services for members, including the monthly socials, the coveted Members’ Fair, and our hallmark summer extravaganza, remain unchanged – ensuring a continuous stream of engaging events.

With excitement, we embark on this new, official journey and sincerely thank you for standing by as we flourish. WIN embodies the spirit of a supportive women’s network, where the bond of shared experiences and mutual support is cherished. We eagerly anticipate the growth of our newly solidified legal presence will bring and look forward to fostering even more connections among our esteemed members.