Back to School Wobblies

Back to School Wobblies

Back to School Wobblies 

by Lisa Robbins


‘My teacher will be nasty. My classmates won’t like me. I won’t understand the homework. It will be different this year. I don’t ‘do’ change!’

Your child may tell it like it is. Lucky you.

Others keep a lid on fears. Signs emerge anyway: headaches, stomach aches, sleep problems, diarrhea. Anger and irritability.

Younger kids experience separation anxiety while teens are riddled by social anxiety.

As a parent, your role is to listen. A few words of sympathy about their feelings would be welcome.  If your child flat out refuses to go to school, a meeting with the guidance counselor could help.

Support your reluctant scholar. Help him or her through early anxious days in an academic environment with a natural solution, tailor-made for him and his symptoms or for her and how she copes: homeopathy.

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