Inflamm-Ageing! ….. or how your Gum-Inflammation can accelerate Ageing.

Inflamm-Ageing! ….. or how your Gum-Inflammation can accelerate Ageing.

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….. or how your Gum-Inflammation can accelerate Ageing

By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

Inflamm-Ageing! ….. or how your Gum-Inflammation can accelerate Ageing :: by Dr. Elena Speranza MollWe live longer than ever in the history of humankind and age-related changes are inevitable. But still, today’s 50tiers are yesterday’s 30tiers. Science is always looking for immortality elixers, and we have obtained already a high quality and healthy life at older ages arriving to become strong seniors at 80.

Still, let’s talk about Inflammation. It is our body’s alarm bell to maintain overall health and provides an essential protective mechanism. It is efficient and effective when you are young and slowly deteriorates with age starting from 30 years old.

Acute immediate inflammation, in particular, is an extremely effective defense act against, for example, injuries, exposure to bacteria or viruses.
Chronic prolonged inflammation on the other hand is in a way a failure of the immune system, that does not know anymore when to shut down this response when it is not effective anymore. It becomes damaging and destructive.

Gum inflammation usually is a chronic process, because it’s caused by bacteria hidden in sticky bacterial plaque and tartar on our teeth, and there they are untouchable for a toothbrush, mouthwash, or whatever disinfectant gel you may want to use. The toxins produced by the bacteria inflame the gums non-stop and then, to put it simply, from there they travel through your whole body inflaming whatever they come across. Whatever is susceptible to inflammation.
And that is the bad news because chronic inflammation of your gums aggravates conditions like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and finally this very special inevitable condition called Old Age.
When you are 30+ you become more sensitive to Inflamm-Ageing, because chronically inflamed gums happen more often. From that age on you are more prone to develop gum disease, while before the main worry was to avoid cavities.

My advice, if you suffer from inflamed or fragile gums, apart from the daily oral hygiene and the regular check-ups, use extra Vitamin C, 1000mg/day. It stops chronic inflammation and helps to strengthen your gums. Especially because unfortunately in our diet, even if you eat every day fresh fruit and vegetables, you do not find the right quantity. One orange contains 40mg and the next 70mg.
In 30 years of experience, I have seen many people improve dramatically taking this food-supplement, that however always goes hand-in-hand with good daily cleaning.

Remember that apart from irregular homecare oral hygiene, also smoking inflames the mucosa in your mouth perpetually. It makes your gums anemic and reduces both the capacity to heal and to have a healthy immune response.

So Yes, also through your mouth there is a way to live a healthy inflammation-free life!

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