Quackery or Cure? Make Way for Homeopathy

Quackery or Cure? Make Way for Homeopathy

Quackery or Cure? Make Way for Homeopathy

by Lisa Robbins


When you hear the word ‘homeopathy’ does the quackometer start clicking?  Or does the weirdo alert sound? Do alarm bells ring: Divert! Detour! Back track!

I turned to homeopathy when my family and I were living in the tropics.  Doctors threw antibiotics at whatever my toddlers presented, from a common cold to a scraped knee. The pink syrup made the children dull, sleepy and constipated. And while the drug might take care of the trouble, that was only until the next time.

Once I embarked on a natural, holistic approach, I never looked back. I used remedies that worked and had no side effects. The family stayed healthy longer, infections that had once recurred did not, and there was a knock-on effect, boosting the immune system, strengthening respiratory function, allowing the elimination system to ‘flow’ more smoothly.

I’ll bet you know horror stories about conventional medicine. I’ve done a bit of homework. Conventional drugs and surgery make up a large percentage of admissions to the emergency room.  Cardiovascular drugs account for over 31%, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs for 20%, and antibiotics for 11% of the cases.  Risk factors for admissions are old age and larger numbers of prescribed drugs. What I learned is that iatrogenous diseases, those  induced by a prescribed drug or resulting from a medical or surgical procedure, are responsible for a rather large  percentage of hospital patients. And over 50 % of these illnesses are preventable. Myriad studies show that iatrogenic diseases are a persistent reason for admission to the ICU/ER. They have a continued negative impact on the health and resources of society.

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Here are a few things you’ll learn:

There are no invasive procedures.

The patient is given the space and the time to tell his or her story

Homeopathy is over 200 years old, widely practiced in Germany, Switzerland and India.

Physically, emotionally and mentally it heals what is out of balance,

While conventional medicine can eliminate what’s wrong on the surface it, often drives the disease deeper by treating (and suppressing) the symptom. Homeopathy treats the patient.

Homeopathy works holistically, addressing the root core of what’s wrong.




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