“Love Story”

“Love Story”

Dental Monthly

By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

“Love Story”


“Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great a love can be?
The sweet love story that is older than the sea
The simple truth about the love he brings to me
Where do I start?”

(Theme Song by Shirley Bassey)


Reader: “Stop, stop, stop… Hold on, right now!
This is no Dentist’s Talk. There is nothing about teeth in Love Story”

(Film with Ryan O’Neil and Ali MacGraw)


Dr. Moll: “Okay but Let me at least Begin….”

There is this patient called Maria. In her sixties. Her whole life she had taken care of her 80-year–old mum and her handicapped sister.  She comes in for her oral hygiene and every 6 weeks for her Invisalign treatment to straighten her teeth.

One day she comes unannounced and demands time with me. Finding a spot between slots I listen to her: her Mom had suddenly died and her sister was terminal too.

She solemnly announced she would be alone for the rest of her life…..

It was not easy to comfort her, a part from the ritual condolences.

She continued to come to her check-ups, but with time, I saw her shrink more and more into desperation, and become the shadow of her cheerful self I used to know. She started to fix appointments every 14 days, but her teeth were fine. Still, she insisted to look for imperfections in her smile, but it was obvious she only wanted to talk and have some attention. Therefore, after a while I confronted her saying:

“Your teeth are straight and perfect. There is no need to come so often. Get a dog….
A dog will make you meet people and who knows, you might find the man of your life.”

Maria: “Nooooh I am a virgin, what are you saying, per l’amor del cielo, that’s not for me!!”

 I decided it would be my Mantra for her. Every time she came in, while doing the oral hygiene and she could not answer back I would start:“….and the dog?….. You know you might meet HIM when you are walking the dog  ;)) ….Could you imagined how much fun, walking together with Kevin Costner?. ” 

And then one day, after 6 months she walks in the clinic with a DOG !!! We were so happy for her. An adorable Cocker Spaniel, someone to take care of and love with all her heart. She started to flourish. The dog had brought her back to life. All the I-am-sad-and-lonely-outfits were quickly substituted by hipster tracksuits and short sporty haircuts. Her whole body changed. She had become an-outdoors-girl and had two red cheeks to show for that.

Time went by, until one day my assistant opens the door and in ran TWO DOGS! Followed by a couple, hand in hand. It was Maria.

Dr Moll: “Maria you come with me,… and Mister kindly take a stroll with them. we would not want people to think they are at the Vet’s.”

Maria!!!!…. What’s up with Romeo??… tell us all about him!!..”

Maria: “Dr Moll I am desperate. Explain me one more time about KISSING DISEASE. Can I or can I not?”


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