Sound Healing: Calm, Collected and on the Way to Cure

Sound Healing: Calm, Collected and on the Way to Cure

Sound Healing: Calm, Collected and on the Way to Cure   

by Lisa Robbins

Nursing an injury? Compensating for a wonky leg? Can’t ease the shoulders down from your ears? Ignoring the anxiety that buzzes in the background? There’s a natural therapy to put you on a path to better health.

Sound Therapy. Enjoy a complementary sound bath if you live nearby.***

Following on from my Members’ Fair presentation, here’s more on sound as a potent therapy. You’ll remember that sound waves (high-energy shock waves) break up large kidney stones so fragments pass painlessly through the urinary tract. Sound instruments can measure hearing loss, assess bone fractures when an X-ray is not immediately available, detects cancer cells and reveal the energy state of the peripheral nervous system.

The treatment takes place with specially-made Tibetan singing bowls* that encourage cell tissue and organ recovery. Sounds reduce imbalances that create pain or hold trauma. Cells return to natural rhythms, muscle tissues and nerve centres let go their tension. This allows healthy blood and lymph circulation. Anxious, nervous patients sense the ‘off’ switch and breathe easy. Just like homeopathic remedies, sound therapy stimulates the body to heal itself, energetically.

Our bodies seek unity with what’s in the environment, always. But not all vibrations have ameliorative effects. Physical illness often begins with a mis-aligned, dis-eased vital force that is influenced by out-of-tune vibrations. Sound therapy reminds the body of its own song. Each cell, each tissue, each organ, vibrates at a specific resonant frequency. When vibrations are knocked out of sync, when they slide into erratic patterns, mental and emotional stress begins. Physical symptoms cause discomfort and pain. Chronic health issues can set in.

Tibetan Singing Bowls* are calibrated at precise sonic frequencies (Hertz), the natural vibration of the heart or the knee or a tight muscle.  Body parts act as resonators. Tuning forks are equally effective. If I place the 64Hz fork on the sacrum, for instance, that eases back pain and balances the autonomic nervous system. I have several paying patients benefiting from this therapy, which I have practiced for over a year: let me know if you are interested.

Book four complimentary Tibetan Bowl sessions, each about 40 minutes long, to address what’s bothering you. I’m completing an advanced certificate in sound healing with the UK’s Sound Healing Academy and have one space left for this offer. As some of you know, I’m a UK-qualified homeopath, serving the English-speaking community online and in person. My remedies help patients achieve optimum health. I am adding a new string to my bow with sound therapy.

Email me for details and to let me know you’ll come.

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