A Dentist’s Confession and the WOW factor of AIRPOLISHING

A Dentist’s Confession and the WOW factor of AIRPOLISHING

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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

“A Dentist’s Confession and the WOW factor of AIRPOLISHING”

I have to confess something….

I, Elena Speranza Moll, your trusted Dental columnist of Women’s International Network’s Newsletter, find it a true ordeal to have my teeth cleaned professionally…….

So now I give you some time to let this sink in…


Do you realise that every time patients protest or reluctantly come for a dental checkup knowing that this involves the abhorred professional oral hygiene session, I secretly understand this so much more than I could ever admit.

Knowing that the treatment is not so bad, I can communicate sincerely with people, as if I were talking to myself, making them see the why and the how. Especially because it is performed in Studio Moll with ultimate delicacy. But it is not until we start the polishing, which is actually “the moment” that I, personally, start breathing again….and I know that many patients have the same feelings.

The best solution for myself and many patients has certainly been Conscious Sedation with Nitrous oxide or Laughing gas. A great experience! When finished you jump out of the dental chair happy as a clown, ready and alert for the rest of the day. But not everybody wants to be sedated, so…how can we help them?

Those of you who come to my Clinic know I like to invest in the newest high tech equipment, so since a year and a half I have been proposing the AIRPOLISHING or Guided Biofilm Therapy as a substitute to regular professional oral hygiene sessions, and in the meantime it has become the way to go in any dental clinic orientated on Periodontology.

The Protocol:

1/With Biofilm Discloser we colour your teeth purple or shocking pink. And that shocks indeed, because now the patient can SEE, how they perform with a toothbrush. To see for yourself how much Biofilm or Dental Plaque you have left on your teeth may leave you speechless.

2/ With the new special upgraded ultra-fast Ultrasound scaler we first remove the hard (tartar) above the gums. Because of it’s high speed it does not make you jump at all. Even I can bear it😊)

3/We now use Bicarbonate powders to remove all the pink or purple stained biofilm on your teeth. Where before I would be scratching the teeth endlessly to remove a tiny stain, now a spray of ultrafine powders with a diameter of 40micron sweeps it away instantly. It is only natural that these powders are so much more efficient and the whole procedure is much faster.

4/ To finish we polish, again with powders. This time Glycine powders with a diameter from 14 to 20 micron. We go underneath the gums to high polish also the root surface and necks of the teeth. This finishing touch makes your teeth clean and bright as never before. Your mouth will be so fresh and shiny. You will be amazed and this is the Wow-effect of AIRPOLISHING


Questions from the Public:

A/ Do the powders hurt? Or do they damage the enamel “sandblasting” the plaque away??

>This high-tech ultrasound does not hurt because it vibrates much faster than you can truly perceive, and my machine has an extra setting for high sensitivity. The powders do not hurt at all. They feel like little pinches maybe when bouncing and also hitting your tongue.

>>It certainly does not damage the enamel in any way. The enamel is too hard, and the powders immediately disintegrate the very sticky dental plaque and biofilm. On the other hand, very frequent scaling with hand instruments can YES, damage the enamel, if the instruments are not properly used.


B/ Bicarbonates are commonly used to whiten and disinfect: Does this means it is also a tooth bleaching procedure?

>No, not really. Bleaching is based on other principals. But do understand that the point of a hand instrument is endlessly bigger and cannot enter into all the small pits and cracks of the enamel that otherwise stay stained. Imagine scratching over an invisible layer of sticky dental plaque with an instrument. Is it possible to remove it all? The powders with the high pressure spray do remove all the stains as never before because they get everywhere, and this will give you the most brilliant & brightest of smiles.


C/ If it is such a fast procedure, how do I know that it is well done? And how long will it last, will the tartar grow back faster??

>Having removed all the pink or purple staining, you are done. You will see and feel that yourself.

>>Unless you stop brushing, it will last much longer because having removed everything so thoroughly it takes more time to build up again. The patients having taken “a mental photo” of where the plaque resides, know where to brush better and will insist on getting a truly clean mouth. They return eagerly to see the biofilm discloser, challenging themselves to see how pink their teeth will be after 6 months.


D/ Can it be used on my Dental Implants?

>It is the best thing that could happen to your implants!! Never have they been cleaned so thoroughly and delicately ridden of the dental plaque. Hand instruments may scratch or damage and roughen the metal neck of an implant, that after, for that reason it will retain even more debris and biofilm filled with bacteria, increasing the risk of perimplantitis.

At Studio Moll we approach PREVENTION working with AIRPOLISHING or Guided Biofilm Therapy, going after not only the tartar, but we also remove it’s precursor: Dental Plaque or Biofilm or Debris, which are the origin of all dental problems from cavities to periodontal gum inflammations to peri-implant soft tissue problems.


For more information call Dental Clinic Studio Moll at 055-755347.  Whatsapp 331-6368628

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For any questions, you can reach out to Elena at one of our WIN meetings or contact Studio Moll


For any questions, you can contact Studio Moll

Whatsapp: 331-6368628, or tel: 055-755347

For more information, look up Studio Moll’s YouTube channel and here too.


By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

Studio Moll
Via Amilcare Ponchielli 21B, 50018 Scandicci –Firenze
Tel: 055-755347
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