Holiday Indulgence Can be Pricey

Holiday Indulgence Can be Pricey

Holiday Indulgence Can be Pricey 

by Lisa Robbins

‘That savoury cream sauce is rich,velvety heaven: more please!’

‘Alright,  just one more chocolate.’

‘Yes, please, fill’er up!’ (accepting third glass of wine)

Wonderful holiday habits may come with a price tag: heartburn and acid reflux, feeling full and bloated or struggling with  offensive eructations

Here are top homeopathic remedies to see you through:

Self-help (not compatible with celebrations) tips suggest that you:

cut down on tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol

not eat three hours or less before bedtime

cdddddut back or eliminated rich fatty spicy foods

Aspirin and ibuprofen exacerbate indigestion: stay away from them

when in bed, raise head and shoulders – this can stop stomach acid coming up

lose weight if you’re overweight There’s a useful book called The Diet Cure by Julia Ross


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