“Conscious sedation: A Dental Trip to Paradise and Back”

“Conscious sedation: A Dental Trip to Paradise and Back”

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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll


Isn’t it true that when an average looking person with no specific beauty features smiles with a fantastic smile showing beautiful teeth, they simply conquer the world and warm the hearts of everybody? And isn’t it also true that when a beautiful ravishing person smiles showing unattractive and discolored crooked teeth it is an absolute TURN-OFF, and even a disappointment. Because let’s face it, a smile shows something of your insides and speaks and sends a thousand messages.

So what could be the main reason that people do not maintain their teeth, especially when they apparently care a lot for their general appearance?

The answer is: “FEAR of DENTISTS”

This is a primary fear that can often not be controlled. The origin might lie in an awful experience at the dentist’s as a child. But surely witnessing a hurting or frightened parent has a more powerful impact on a child’s mind. Seeing Mommy or Daddy suffer or hearing them speak with dread about dental treatment can make a lifelong impression that cannot easily be erased from the subconscious.

At my Dental Clinic Studio Moll, many scared people come to see me every year, but sooner or later they change their attitude and start talking about their fears in the past tense.

The No-Pain Laser Dental treatment does the trick. We combine this approach with letting the patient hold a toy that makes noise and that they can squeeze to communicate their level of distress, allowing me to interrupt whatever I am doing in time. Alongside this special Laser equipment and these tricks to comfort people, I have been working successfully with “Conscious Sedation” for years.

CONSCIOUS, because you are completely aware of everything and everybody around you and you are psychologically fully present. You can communicate any feelings or need.

SEDATION, because your body is sedated with total relaxation of your muscles, as if you are slowly entering a hot tub or your body is slowly being enveloped by a comfortable feeling. Any sensitivities or painful areas in your whole body disappear (yes, backache too!). So you can also hardly feel the numbing with anesthetics.

Gagging does not happen anymore, nor does limited mouth-opening. All your muscles are free of tension and time flies away….


Who are the patients?

A) Children of course. If they are not frightened, very often they are still over-excited and restless in the dental chair. With Conscious Sedation they become lambs enjoying their trip to the moon. For me that means quick and easy treatments and adoring parents asking me to lend them the equipment.

B) People with an uncontrollable fear of dentists or in excruciating pain. Already by the second visit they are so much more confident and happy knowing they will be sedated and this thought alone allows them to sleep the whole night through without worrying about their upcoming dental appointment.

C) Anybody who does not want to feel anything of the dental treatment at all. Think of the hyper active top manager who can grab a 30-minutes “power sleep” while doing their oral hygiene. Or a grumpy patient who says: “Today is not a good day Dr. Moll.” He will walk out of the clinic with a wide ear-to-ear smile. Happy as a clown.


Questions from the public:

1) How long does it take to un-sedate??

Answer: 3 minutes.

As soon as I turn off the N2O flow it takes you even less than 3 minutes to eliminate all the N2O from your body. Also remember that N2O is present in the air we breathe. Taking in only oxygen in these 3 minutes energizes you and will make you very alert and active.


2) Do I still need anesthesia for certain treatments like extractions?

Answer: Yes for invasive treatments. But we can do without it for simple ones like fillings.


3) Does it always work?

Answer: No.

It is a decision a patient makes to be sedated. People who are unable to let go of control and surrender to relaxation will have difficulty. You need to want to go down the slope, like with skiing and not hold on to the sides. A person needs let go and allow the sedation. Sometimes it takes more than one session to know and understand what “specific feeling” you are looking for.


4) Why is N2O also called Laughing Gas?

Answer: In high doses it makes you laugh a lot.

And that is why patients always leave with big smiles on their faces. Of course during treatment I cannot work with a laughing patient, so I will always stay well below that threshold, but still the intense feel-good element is perceived anyway.


By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll,

Studio Moll
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