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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll


This weekend’s telephone call of a WIN member inspired me to write my column on this subject.

She called because she had a DENTAL EMERGENCY and she did the right thing, reaching out to me immediately for first hand advice or eventual treatment.

So, for all WINners here are my telephone numbers, if you cannot find your own dentist:

055-755347, 331-6368628, 335-6250092

Let’s find out what I consider an EMERGENCY and what you can do to avoid aggravation of the situation.

(A) Knocked-out tooth due to severe trauma is a situation that requires prompt medical attention to prevent further damage to your teeth. It will first be necessary to gently remove any dirt with your fingertips in a saline solution or milk, which you should keep it immersed in. If there is none available just keep it in your cheeks in your mouth, immersed in saliva, being careful not to swallow it. In this case, you will have to come to me immediately, as time is a determining factor in whether the tooth can be saved and be implanted back in the bone. I will make X-rays to determine if there is no bone damage, and I will suture soft tissue injuries and determine whether or not there are enamel chips in your lip.
>> Code RED<<

(B)The level of emergency of a fractured tooth in the mouth is determined by PAIN.  No pain? Then you will go from code red to >>Code ORANGE<< which means treatment within several days. The tooth in this case is not vital. If there is limited pain and sensitivity to hot or cold foods, it may just be that a piece has chipped off, or a filling fell out. Avoid chewing on that side and brush it carefully to keep it as clean as possible.


(A)When you have acute fits and your tooth is untouchable, you probably have severe inflammation of the nerve in your tooth. This can be unbearable and immediate treatment is required to remove the pain.  >>Code RED<<
This can be caused by a broken tooth or deep cavity. Root canal treatment is usually indicated in these cases. When even anaesthesia does not work, at Studio Moll we usually use a Laser on the un-touchable teeth to perform quick relief and medication.

(B)You have a nuisance that becomes unbearable. Here I am describing classic gum inflammation. For me this is >>Code ORANGE<<. Usually, the coming and going of this pain can be managed with pharmaceuticals and precise brushing instructions with specific gels.

(C) If you have a burning mouth: stop smoking immediately. If you do not smoke, then you probably have a fungal infection or allergy to medications. In the case of multiple canker sores, use indicated gels or mouthwash. Both >>Code ORANGE<<

3/Abscess swelling
This may be caused by wisdom teeth, acute nerve inflammation, or severe gum inflammation >>Code RED<< It is probably a bacterial infection affecting the surrounding tissues of the tooth and can cause intense pain, swelling of the soft tissues and pus. We need to drain the abscess asap. At Studio Moll we once again use the Laser. It disinfects while cutting and no anaesthesia is required. I usually prescribe antibiotics and a specific mouth wash to prepare for follow-up treatment. If you have already been taking antibiotics for over a day then it becomes >>Code ORANGE<< so make an appointment within a couple of days.

4/ Uncontrolled bleeding
This rare event may happen after extractions or other oral surgery procedures, even after 48 hours. Usually, all surgeries are performed in the morning and the patient is not dismissed before complete coagulation of the wound. So the healing was probably disturbed by rinsing or chewing on the operation site. Returning to where you were treated is the best option, but of course we can also help you at Studio Moll. At home you should make an ice-pack and hold it against the operated site and bite on a gauze or cotton cloth to put  pressure on the site where the blood is coming from, keeping your head high. >>Code RED<<


5/Orthodontic appliance loose braces & metal wire cutting the cheek
This is awful and kids suffer a great deal, because the cheek usually swells around the sharp metal thread and there is increased saliva. Parents are unable to bend it away from the wound in the cheek as they do not have the right instruments.  >>Code RED <<, or >>Code ORANGE << depending on the child’s or adult’s capacity to deal with pain. This is also why I have abandoned fixed appliances and by far prefer orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners, which drop the emergency rate in orthodontics near to 0%.

I always advice people to not wait to take painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications if they expect pain. Usually, a little pain in the mouth can be soothed with early medication. If you wait until it becomes unbearable nothing works anymore. Only use antibiotics on medical prescription.

If you have any DENTAL EMERGENCIES do not hesitate to reach out to STUDIO MOLL by Whatsapp or phone.


For any questions, you can contact Studio Moll

Whatsapp: 331-6368628, or tel: 055-755347

For more information, look up Studio Moll’s YouTube channel and here too.


By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

Studio Moll
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Tel: 055-755347
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