Kiss that Cold Goodbye!

Kiss that Cold Goodbye!

Kiss that Cold Goodbye!

by Lisa Robbins

April showers bring May flowers …along with runny noses and sore throats.

It’s been a c-c-cold spring in many parts. Leaves unfurl and agitate in sharp white breezes, magenta tulips offer cold kisses.

Along comes that longed-for yellow day; you squint in the new warmth, dash out to enjoy it, then come home all sneeze and shiver.

A cold, that snotty, unwanted ‘gift’ from iffy weather and careless actions, slows you down, makes you cross, steals your energy and your appetite.


Tell it where to go!  Try a natural holistic remedy.

Here are nine homeopathic remedies that may be what you need to politely decline the coughs and congestion at your door.

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