No-Pain Laser Dentistry

No-Pain Laser Dentistry

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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

🦷 Let’s talk about No-Pain Laser Dentistry.

Is it actually possible to do cavities, cut or reshape gums, have pain-relief from canker sores and sensitive root surfaces without numbing, no shot?
The answer is: YES!!

In my Dental Clinic, I use a hard and soft tissue laser for over 18 years now and I will explain to you why I wanted to have especially this High Tech Equipment to treat my patients with.
Laser is a light with one wavelength, one direction and one frequency. That’s why it looks so straight and powerful in Star Wars…The one I use does not reach that far, however. It reaches up to 2,0mm, but that is quite sufficient in dentistry.

You can imagine that a laser is minimally invasive because it is only a point of light that has an impact on a very tiny surface of the tissues.
Now how does it work exactly:
The laser, depending on its wavelength is attracted to specific tissues. Mine likes water and certain colours. So decay in a tooth, which is enamel gone soft with humidity is evaporated by the laser, leaving intact “healthy” tissues and removing “sick” ones. When I change the laser settings I can treat also the soft tissues.

The “No-Pain” claim is based on the fact that to feel pain your brain needs a microsecond to realise that your bare hand is hurting when you touch an overheated pan on the stove. You always think: ”Had I pulled back sooner then I wouldn’t have had this painful burning blister”.
In that long microsecond happens:

1st/Signal from your hand to the brain –

2nd/Brain is Elaborating information –

3rd/Recognition trauma –

4th/Signal brain to hand: PULL BACK NOW FAST!!

This is kind of slow, compared to a high frequency (50.000 Hz) Laser.
So your brain does not recognize it!!!
It doesn’t have time to recognise it. Laser is IN & OUT before proper identification is established by your brain….
I am working fast, while your brain is figuring out: “Is it Pleasure, or is it Pain? Is it Pain, or is it Pleasure?……..”
(A bit similar to the principal of sadomasochist?!?)

Depending on the operator’s skills and experience it can be stated that the Er,Cr: YSSG- laser in Dentistry provides for a No-Pain treatment and heightens the pain threshold even in the most sensitive and jumpy patients. The un-touchable tooth can be cured with the Laser.

Furthermore, and apart from the fact that Laser-Dentistry opens a wide field of interest for the operator, it brings many more important benefits for the patient.
> The bacteriocidal and decontaminating effect enhances fast healing and uneventful post-op because it is the Darth Vader for ALL the bacteria on the tissues. So you create a truly clean preparation of a cavity and a truly clean wound that heals in no time.
> The absence of the drill’s sharp whistle is another factor that makes lasers with their popcorn-popping sound preferable to traditional dentist’s drills. Ideal for a child’s first experience.

I substitute drills, blades, hand instruments and chemical agents and anaesthetics with lasers and these are some of the Laser-assisted treatments I do in my clinic:
> Preventive sealings in newly erupted teeth,
> Decay and cavity treatment
> Sensitive tooth necks
> Laser teeth whitening
> Extraction site decontamination and bone remodelling
> Pink aesthetics like Tatoo and hyper-pigmentation removal Gum remodelling, scar removal, Periodontal plastic surgery, Gummy smile
> Canker sores and Herpes labialis treatment with immediate pain relief
> In implantology soft tissue management and peri-implantitis treatment,

… and there are many more applications.

Now some questions from the readers:
1)  Can I have my dental cleaning done with the Laser?
Answer: No, for the same reason as you would not want to clean your car with a toothbrush. The Laser light covers a surface too tiny to remove dental plaque and tartar efficiently.
2)  Can you remove old amalgam fillings with the laser?
Answer: No, Amalgam, like some other hard cement, has metal components that reflect the light. The light would bounce back, the laser would break and the operator would evaporate 🙁 (Star Wars fact).
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