Heal for the Holiday: give your body a gift

Heal for the Holiday: give your body a gift

Heal for the Holiday: give your body a gift

by Lisa Robbins

Zzzzzzoommmeeerrrkkk! Holidays hurtle along at Warp Speed Six. Sometimes all that shopping, decorating, cooking, guesting, feasting, drinking and dancing becomes a dizzying whirlwind that makes you ill: you lose your head!!

The best way to take care of yourself is naturally. If you slow down and pay attention, if you put in what’s needed, you get better sooner. Learn the benefits of an alternative approach:

If you lose your head during the busy holiday, re-connect!

Here’s what I mean. We are talking heads, as Noga reminds us. We forget that we are animals, too. Our bodies are wise; they tell us what we need to be our best selves.  When we don’t listen, an illness forces us to slow down. We climb into bed or wrap up in a comforter to endure the discomfort. During convalescence, we nurture the body, give it better fuel, because we have to. The quickest way to get better is to slow down and honor the body.

Sometimes we look for a quick fix. We go to the doctor. Presto! We’re sorted! Temporarily.  Often the magic wears off: the pill stops working or the offensive bit that the surgery cut out re-emerges.

Conventional medicine erases a pain, ‘cures’ an illness through a fragmented approach, treating the disease, targeting the specific organ or the bodily system that’s dysfunctional.  The doctor is specialized in a body part – the esophagus or the rectum for instance, or in an illness – breast cancer, or diabetes, for instance.  He offers a pill or a surgery. And we oblige him, do what we feel we must, to ‘get better’.

Homeopathy matches the patient’s symptoms with the remedy that will best heal her.  Homeopaths know that there’s the illness, with its predictable process and prognosis on the one hand. And on the other hand, there’s the patient, unique in how she copes with symptoms.

If we listen to the body’s warning signals, we might change some pattern of punishment that we have been exacting: introduce calming or restorative measures like better food, more sleep, exercise, like taking time out. Otherwise, the illness hangs around. Or keeps coming back.

If we listen to the body, we might opt for a natural, long-lasting solution. Homeopathy’s holistic, no-side-effects treatment offers this. It operates on mental, emotional and physical planes.  It can be used alongside conventional medicine or in lieu of pills and creams.

This holiday season, give your dear body a gift. Take advantage of my offering: €25 for a half-price Acute which includes two days of follow up care or €90 for a Full Consultation for yourself or a loved one which includes one month of follow up care.

By Acute I mean a minor illness: a sprained ankle, stomach upset, sore throat, urinary tract, bad cold, infection that has lasted two weeks or less.

By Full I mean a chronic complaint that has been with you for months, even years – recurrent tonsilitis, frequent palpitations and shortness of breath, panic attacks and constant anxiety, IBS, acid reflux/heartburn.

Make the appointment by 31 January, 2023 for use anytime up to 31 March 2023

Book these here or on the What You Get page of my website.

Another holiday offering:  our free e-book on Gut Health

As you know, homeopathy treats digestive disorders and supports abdominal health naturally, without side effects.  From IBS to colic, indigestion, gastrointestinal troubles, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease, there’s a remedy to sort your innards.

For our e-book covering these and other gut troubles, click this link:



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