Being mindful of how I am moving, all day long

Being mindful of how I am moving, all day long

by Lisa Irene

I think of movement, all day long –

To, you know, decrease the amount of time I have to, or want to, do “exercises”,

Or rather, do an exercise class either in the gym or via Zoom.


Small changes in how I move, throughout the day is where I begin to see big changes happen.  Why??  Frequency of change! Making one small change and repeating it 10 or more times a day is more than what I can accomplish in an hour of class.


However, participating in lessons where I focus on small, precise postural moves is where I begin to learn how my body would like to move, where it moves, and where it does not move.

This is good information to know about my body.  It helps me all day long.

Proprioception is the knowledge of where our bodies are in space, and how specific parts of our bodies are moving (or not) through space.


So, taking part in lessons, whether a one-off here and there to check in, or for  a period of time such as every week or every month, can help us learn more about our bodies, wherein lies impingements, or freedom of movement: PROPRIOCEPTION.


Then slowly (as Rome wasn’t built in a day!) we become aware of this during the day (proprioception).


For example,

How am I sitting while I have breakfast?  Is my stomach blocked and feel closed? Can I breathe fully?  Can I change this??

As I sit watching the news, am I falling asleep? Or, do I feel awake, do I understand what I am listening to, and do I remember it thereafter??


While I am driving, or riding my bike, am I aware of my breath: is it short, or full?


Am I aware of my breath in moments of worry, stress, or anxiousness??

Do I find myself, or can I place myself, in such a position where my body can breathe,

fully, fluidly, harmoniously?

Am I aware of my surroundings?


Yes, all this plays part of proprioception – and all of this can be assisted by a movement practice where breath, awareness and fluidity are paramount.

Also, we can begin to respond IMMEDIATELY to such cues our body is desperately trying to communicate to us, thereby reducing the fastidi, the tensioni, and what not: basically we are scremando via via durante il giorno to avoid such a nauseous build up at the end of the day.


Pilates helps in this.  Pilates, as well as Yoga, can help us become sempre più consapevoli of our movements, our body positions, all day long.


When someone asks me if just one lesson per week “is enough?”, I respond, “yes”.

Simply because Pilates is a habit in moving correctly and reflecting on how we move.

Thanks to Pilates, after a lesson, the next day you’ll find yourself sitting differently while you work, and you will notice when some body part is beginning to complain – and you’ll now listen!  Rather than pushing that news under the rug, or off to the side until you finally finish those last 2 or 4 hours of project you were working on…


Even as we sit in the evening to relax, while watching a film, we’ll notice our head and neck position, how our back feels, our hips… and this will begin to happen ovunque tu sia seduta!!

And finally, Pilates is not the only movement program out there – – BUT – it can help us move better in the sports, or physical activities, we take part in!

The more varied our movement regime, sport, exercise program – however you’d like to call it-

The more responsive, toned, and mobile will be our body!

Pilates is a way of life!

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