Trekking in a chestnut forest

Trekking in a chestnut forest

by Lisa Robbins

Trekking in a chestnut forest

Last week my friend and I hiked with a group on a dank grey day, made bright with gold and red and green. She was less bright, struggling with period cramps. Until I gave her Mag phos, a homeopathic remedy, which soothed the spasms and smoothed away the sharp edges.

I am passionate about this old and new healing art. I began treating family and friends over 25 years ago. I have seen far-reaching and long-lasting positive changes in relatives, friends and patients. Today I treat the English-speaking community in Florence and support international clients via Skype and phone calls.

My patient and I make the journey together. Along the way, almost imperceptible shifts in vitality gently release stuck patterns, reveal new perspectives and remind her how to be her best self.

Get it touch if you are missing some of autumn’s gold and red. It need not be a dank, grey November!



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