Sugar is the Root of all Evil!! Or is it?

Sugar is the Root of all Evil!! Or is it?

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By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

🦷 Sugar is the root of all Evil!!! Or is it?

Well today, it shares 1st prize as the Most Successful Tooth-Decay Agent together with Acid.

Sugar and Acid are good friends. Together they always win and give each other a Hi-5 every time the enamel wall breaks down.

Where are sugars and acids hidden? Usually in all refined foods and in fruits, but most of all in energy drinks and wine. Everything contains acid to conserve, and everything contains sugar to make it tasty and delicious.

It is well known however that Sugar, with the help of bacteria in dental plaque, changes into Acid. Essentially, it could be called “the Mother of all Acids”, just like Ma Barker and her Sons: when they enter a mouth they first find the right victim, a cracked tooth, a filling, a dark angle between the bicuspids and then simultaneously, in the Dark of the Night, they come out and create havoc between the teeth. They adore milk teeth because they are so young and soft. Success guaranteed!!

They start to dissolve the calcium creating white spots on the neck and fissures of the teeth. This leaves the enamel crystals like empty pyramids or fragile structures, similar to a house of cards that can easily break. In fact you might end up with shiny, thin and cracked front teeth that grow more yellow as time passes by, or find yourself with a full blown cavity.

As I said, energy drinks, Coca Cola or Red Bull are the worst because they create the Perfect Storm in your mouth. Sugar, Acid and CO2 gas are a dangerous threesome. No saliva, which usually stabilizes the right acid level, can withstand an attack like that. Especially if it is a prolonged attack (read: sucking a candy slowly in your cheek, drinking soft drinks or sweet drinks all day long).

So what can we do to eradicate these Roots of all Dental Evil?

> Diminish Sweet/Acid consumption to specific concentrated moments and brush after about an hour. An hour, because this allows the naturally present salts of the saliva to reconstitute the demineralised enamel. You can help this process by rinsing with mouthwash that contains Fluoride, like Fluorinse. Brushing then will not sweep the enamel crystals away and the teeth will stay intact.

> Always brush carefully before going to sleep. During the night there is very little O2 in your mouth as it’s closed. O2 is the enemy of most bacteria and without it they can proliferate in the bacterial plaque and that means that the Sugar / Acid Factory will work at high speed!!

As you see, life is a battlefield, also in your mouth.
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