Welcome to my Sardegna Paradise

Welcome to my Sardegna Paradise

We have given life to hundreds of olive trees, planted oats and fruit trees,

Written by Leontine Streefkerk

A warm hello to all the WIN women and an update after my move to Sardinia.

Moving in Covid times wasn’t easy, loading 3 trucks in Florence last January and shipping them off to the island to get some stuff up to my lodge via a dirt road. Bút I’ve made it, thanks to Gio who also helped during some last WIN events at my venue before leaving.

These last two months turned me into a ‘Sardinian life specialist’ chopping wood, lighting chimneys and stoves, working and living off the land. We have given life to hundreds of olive trees, planted oats and fruit trees, planned irrigation and made a beautiful Mediterrean and herb garden around the lodge. the reward the day before Easter was amazing: soaking up the sun and being on the beach. The photo shows me biting my lip: I must admit it was a bit tough getting in, but the laps after and picknick on the beach followed by a nap were terrific. I am trying to find some balance and work on both ‘Bed & Beyonds’ as I will now manage two accommodations. WIN women: all welcome this year with 25% discount. Off season starting at 30€ per person per night if giving me a helping hand, even if it’s washing the dishes, weeding or giving advice. So if you can escape again: come to retreat between our rocks in nature and near the beach. Arrivederci, abbraccio per tutte!

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