‘Lady’s Got the Flu’

‘Lady’s Got the Flu’

‘Lady’s Got the Flu’

by Lisa Robbins

Lady’s got the flu,

She got it bad, she feels so sad.

And wants the world to know

Just what her blues are all about.


I’ll bet Billie Holiday had the flu as well as the blues. They go together, after all.

Florence’s wet grey skies, cold winds, and skeletal trees tell me it’s full-blown flu season just now.  Brrrppph! Stay warm, eat healthy, and feed your soul with cinnamon.

If the boogie man gets you anyway, I offer a few remedies that will put you on a firm path to lusty singing: honey-voiced, bright-eyed,  and rosy-cheeked. Read on to see them.

I’m offering half-priced consultations in the lead up to the Easter holiday. A complimentary  ‘tune up’ with sound therapy is also on offer: I seek patients for my practitioner’s degree. Book a free chat to learn more. 


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