Career and Academic Counseling

Career and Academic Counseling

October 2022 Meeting speaker recap

by Jillian Branicki



We are all particles of matter and sources of energy. We are all colliding, clashing, growing, changing consistency, and mixing our energy sources all day long and throughout our existence. If we think about ourselves as solids, liquids, and gases in one unit, then we understand our complexities and the importance of various stages of matter. Shooting for solid form, we sometimes use fireballs of energy to motivate ourselves to change aspects that we want to see different and allow us to transform into the changes that we seek within ourselves and the world. In our more liquid forms, we are shaping and moulding ourselves, experiencing life in a more fluid mode until we take on a more solid form again. We decide the charges that we want to give to the world around us (people, environments, relationships, etc.). We can give positive charges in all that we are and encounter. We can be neutral. We can also be negative. If we evaluate our own interactions with the world, we may see a reflection of ourselves and how our perceptions, values, strengths, and weaknesses participate in our story. Most satisfaction and worth is found in working towards goals, formulating and playing with new ideas, and love, the “gas” that we need to fuel our tanks. With each new idea or goal that we are working towards, we take on our more elastic forms, breaking out of our previous mould until we form into something more solid again that we choose to build upon. Applying ourselves in life, participating, and loving is all that matters in our jobs, relationships, families, parenting, etc.

What is your current state of matter? Reflection offers the opportunity to identify your current state of being, direction, identify areas that need improvement, and provide a navigation system to better understand ourselves. In our October meeting, Daria Dall’lgna & Veronique Balduzzi offered WIN members the opportunity to identify, reflect upon, and market our storylines through a couple different activities. Both WIN members offer multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary, Career and Academic Counselling. In the first activity, members were asked to choose a card with select images that appealed to them particularly. Members were given a notecard and asked to write about how the select card describes them and explore what they see within the card that reflects them, including personality traits, values, interests, etc. Some members volunteered to share their reflections. We partnered up for the second activity to help identify our own talents that we could barter in a community. The purpose of this activity was to overcome the barriers that we sometimes have in identifying our own talents. Their work is community-based in the sense that often those seeking counselling will be asked to reach out to family and friends to conduct assessments of them. Feedback is important, as it is impactful, meaningful, and helps identify value. We don’t have one narrative to our story, we have many. Learning to trust yourself is a crucial step in developing the tools to attain your focus, dream, goal, and/or new direction. Covid offered time to reflect on which values one wants to prioritize. If you find that you are in a transitional phase, these two WIN ladies can assist through their person-centered approach, support of individual potential and uniqueness, and self-discovery. Typically, they help with expat support (maternity, divorce, lost job, etc.), school & academic guidance, career transition, offer Italians a fresh perspective, help young people find themselves in life, and everything in between. They’ll help you rediscover YOU through group and individual counselling with use of verbal and non-verbal methods such as by using metaphors, drawings, collages, and other forms of visualization.

What are you actually after in life? Are you where you want to be? If not, reflection and/or counselling services may be the key to open the door to change it!


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