How effective is your Privacy Policy*

How effective is your Privacy Policy*

by Donna Denise Scharnagl

How effective is your Privacy Policy*

GDPR – Is it just one of those annoying four-letter acronyms? He£l no!

Your website is an invasion of privacy

You need to pay attention to GDPR as a website owner. Did you know that your site is technically an invasion of your visitor’s privacy? Make certain you protect yourself.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is supposed to protect the privacy of users who interact with a company through the website or other platforms.

While GDPR is for EU citizens, it doesn’t only affect businesses based in the EU, it also affects all businesses that offer services or products to EU citizens or that process the personal data of EU citizens and other people currently located within the EU. So even if your website is US-based … read on.

Who would have thought you begin to invade the privacy of your visitors, the minute they land on your website?

It boggles the mind – and it makes the department “Garante della Privacy” ( check out link: very happy, as it is ranked second in Europe for issuing sanctions. As in: if you aren’t “in regola” with the GDPR,  you can be at risk big time.

“GDPR sets forth fines of up to 10 million euros, or, in the case of an undertaking, up to 2% of its entire global turnover of the preceding fiscal year, whichever is higher.”


Pass the Milk, please

Let’s start with cookies. Personally, I am a chocolate chip with nuts kind of girl, but for this article, we are talking about three other types of cookies:

Technical cookies: which send messages to the website/server so that it functions correctly. As of 2022, to use technical cookies you need to inform the user; you don’t need their consent.

Analytic cookies: these are used by a site to analyze traffic and user identity (for example age, gender, location, browser type, etc). This data is used to create statistics and/or share them with third parties.

Profiling cookies: these are used to track your preferences … hello, “Big Brother”. These cookies are why, after having done a search for the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies, you see ads for double dark chocolate chips every time you open a new page on the internet.

These last two types of cookies need consent, hence that annoying window that shows up every time you enter a new site.


One size does not fit all

The tough part about this consensus stuff is not just about having a pop-up that asks visitors to accept cookies but, more importantly, about making sure you (the website owner) comply with the rules of how to protect the privacy of the data collected.

This is not a one size fits all kind of solution. The rules vary depending on whether you are an e-commerce site or a blog. You should consult with a professional to understand if you are following the appropriate protocol. (There are online solutions to help you, such as: or

There are several ways to respond to this situation, and the more complex your site, the more complex the solution. Ignorance of the rules will not exempt you from sanctions.

P.S. A webmaster will not save you from fines – you need to be informed!


Are we going overboard with Privacy issues?

Have you noticed those cartoon-like ads on TV that show you how to use a pair of glasses to take a photo, but strangely enough for an advert it has there is no call to action – which means, it’s not selling you anything.

This should remind you of the government-sponsored info-commercials about how to wash your hands during covid.

This was started by some Irish watchdogs concerned about securing our privacy. It was suggested that the new Rayban glasses with a recording device were not as obvious in their intent as, for example, someone holding up a phone and saying “Cheese”. These ads are supposed to warn you that you may be the unwitting protagonist in footage and images taken by these glasses.

FB and other social media powers are ignoring privacy issues; should we be concerned?

Is this privacy issue too much? If we don’t worry now, will we regret it?


*This article definitely simplifies the GDRP importance/sanctions but hopefully it will get you thinking, and, if you have any doubts, push you to contact a professional.

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