Does coffee stain your teeth?

Does coffee stain your teeth?

Dental Monthly

By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

Does coffee stain your teeth?

As a dentist I can give you a definite: “No not necessarily, under certain circumstances”.

I will give you a household day to day comparison to explain my vague answer:


Compare your teeth with your favorite porcelain coffee cup.

Glazed pottery does it, or does it not stain because of the food and the cooking it is used for?

And if yes, when does that occur?

I am sure everybody who washes dishes actually knows the answer…


Because your coffee cup will stay as new when you thoroughly clean it right after use.

New…. until the glazing is worn or cracked. Then… there you will start to see dark discolored areas and lines.

These stains are there to stay. Only if you use very special products can you “bleach” them…..temporarily. Because it will return for sure.


Looking at our teeth again. You can understand my answer “Not necessarily”, because the staining depends on:

1/Your Brushing habits (after every coffee)

2/Your Drinking habits (coffee combined with acids like sugar, the root of all evil)

3/Your Bruxing habits, damages the enamel (worn, jagged teeth are always discoloured)

4/The Age of your teeth (loss of enamel, cracks, worn areas)

So think of your coffee cup, when you worry about teeth staining and DO NOT DESPAIR if coffee is your favorite hot beverage…


Because the worst #1 TOOTH-STAINER is of course coffee’s natural alternative:

TEA!!!…. and specifically black tea with lemon and sugar stains teeth significantly more than coffee. Brown teeth are guaranteed, and that is a fact!!!

Look up last year’s Dental Monthly “Sugar is the root of all evil!?” that will explain.

By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

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