by Lisa Robbins

Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, this time of year is a chocoholic’s delight.

Whether you celebrated Easter, observe Passover or Ramadan, or opted out of the religious implications altogether, chocolate may be an irresistible attraction.

And why not? It’s good for the blood: consumption of cocoa flavanols is beneficial for platelets and vascular function, says latest research. What is less certain is whether it really is a mood-enhancer. It is not addictive, though the desire certainly seems to spell this.

So, what’s wrong with chocolate? Binging on it!  Heart palpitations, insomnia, and tummy upsets galore. The jury is still out on whether it exacerbates acne.

If you have  tendency to overindulge, here are three top remedies to calm your cravings:

Sepia especially craves chocolate just before your period. Headaches and period pains may inspire more nibbling once the monthly has started. You may shun family, preferring your own company. Prolapse and urinary incontinence may complete the picture.

Staphysagria eats chocolate to nurse the hurt of suppressing emotions. Abuse early on can engender negative feelings that occasionally spark angry outbursts.

Lycopodium suffers, physically from heartburn and emotionally, from a poor self-image.  You manage to be kind to strangers but rude to the family at times. It can be tricky to tame your craving for sweet things. Digestive issues include bloating, burping and farting.  Your appetite may soar, or a few bites may make you full.

If you are a chocoholic and would prefer to curb the sweet tooth, get in touch for more tips on a natural solution.



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