by Lisa Irene

So, why all this Pilates and exercise stuff Lisa??

Don’t you just move outside and floor sit rather than sitting on chairs and couches??

Well, I do enjoy Pilates, I also enjoy diversity: challenging my body (and brain!) in various modes of movement.

Where Pilates is concerned: I love the concentration, breathwork, fluidity and strength that Pilates offers.

Why do YOU do Pilates, or, why do you “exercise”, or do the practice you do?  Have you given it much thought?

Is it only because you “feel you should exercise”, or similar?

Here are some ideas why we get involved in a movement practice:

  • To be able to lift our nieces and nephews
  • To be able to take care of housework without getting so sore and achy
  • To feel a higher level of energy throughout the day
  • For cardiovascular health
  • For muscle and joint health
  • For better brain function
  • To feel more motivated at work

How does Pilates help in all of this?


  • it tones the body all-over (not just specific targeted muscle groups)
  • you feel great J after the lesson, and even for several days following!
  • “Contrology awakens dormant brain cells”, said Joseph Pilates himself about his own technique that he created.
  • it affords an uplifting sensation
  • our nerve cells are like batteries that need to be recharged:  we can recharge them through our practice in Pilates.
  • it’s a thought conscious activity:  joints and muscles have receptors of where the body is in space,  and we use these in Pilates.
  • poor movement strategies cause the tissues to fail and pain often develops, as well as propagate more poor movement strategies.

So, in Pilates we

  • improve our movement strategies
  • we become more aware of where our body is in space and this “proprioception”  increases
  • learn, feel rather, how movement gives meaning to our life J
  • feel how movement is a powerful tool for self-development


Our body responds to movement as it does food:  it’s nutrition!  

I can teach you to move differently, to move better, to develop awareness around your habits of moving (or in static positions).  It requires a controlled practice that eventually becomes natural – you won’t need me forever 😉

Just to get on track!  Until you develop your habit of good movement practice!

We must remember to take care of our nervous system and work on restoring regularity back to it:  it is not a one stop quick fixed kind of thing!

Nor is taking care of aches, pains, restoring tone or mobility… it takes time…

The great thing is, that our cells respond immediately to any and all new ‘nutrition’ we provide it with!

That’s beautiful, don’t you agree?

Here is a historical link:  you see, even in 1936 men and women alike were concerned about their physical health!


Now, maybe you want to book an appointment to try out this “machine”, or rather, Pilates Apparatus?!

My studio is in Florence, near the Fortezza da Basso.

Call to book an appointment – whether you’d like to have a lesson, or simply see the studio and speak about your movement needs.

Since I am the sole proprietor and instructor, I do not take walk-ins, I do not answer the door or the telephone while teaching.  While this keeps both me and the client focused, it is also for the client’s well-being and peace of mind.

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