Spotlight Member for April 2021:  Linda Turrini

Spotlight Member for April 2021: Linda Turrini

by Elia Nichols

She went to Australia, which radically changed her life

Spotlight Member for April 2021: Linda Turrini
Linda Turrini

Today I’d like to spotlight one of our newest members, Linda Turrini! Linda was born in Florence and has quite an interesting story. She went to a high school that specialized in preparing students to work in the tourism industry and she graduated speaking 3 foreign languages (French, Spanish, and English). She went on to get a degree in Art History from the University of Florence, and then the travel bug bit her and she decided she needed to travel! She traveled to Spain, and then, 5 years ago, she went to Australia, which radically changed her life.

Linda had been suffering for years from a “literal” pain in the head, a deep internal pressure inside her head that tormented her. She had tried everything to relieve this pain, but nothing provided even momentary relief. Curious to understand what was going on inside of her body, Linda got a Diploma in Scientific Naturopathy at the University of Psychology of Turin.

At the same time, in Australia, Linda met the man who would become her teacher and life partner, Ariya, who introduced her to the Bowen Technique. The Bowen technique is a holistic technique that works on the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body. After Linda received the Bowen treatment on her jaw, head and neck, her chronic head pain went away! For her, this was a revelation, and she decided to learn this method so that she could help many other people who, like her, were in chronic pain situations. Linda and her husband Ariya moved back to Florence a little more than a year ago so that they could introduce their own method which they call the Homeodynamic Bowen, to Italy, where it is not yet well-known. It helps people with long-term chronic conditions, that haven’t found relief with conventional medicine, find relief even from the first sessions..
I went to Linda Monday for treatment and what struck me was the gentleness of the approach and how incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated my body has felt for the 3 days since the treatment. It has given me a huge boost of energy.

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