Allergies and Your Chest Bone

Allergies and Your Chest Bone

Supporting your upper respiratory system is key during this time

Written by Carey Benenson Taussig
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Picture of Thymus from Wikipedia – Impact or injury to chest bone can create allergies years later! It is the teacher organ of the little immune cells that react to pollen!

Did you know that one of the most important immune organs sits like a little hat on top of your heart and responds to any little thing that is considered foreign to the body?

The thymus is considered one of your teacher organs and its responsibility is to help your little immune cells mature and learn how to decipher what it should and shouldn’t react to in your body.

With this said, if you have had a car accident where the seat belt engaged, or an airbag deployed or if you hit your chest bone (sternum) in any big way it can show up years later as chronic allergies. If you broke your collarbone, years later it can show up as allergies because your lymphatic system can’t drain very well. Hitting your two front teeth and/or dental issues, history of braces, implants, etc. can result in allergies and snoring years later. Your pallet in your mouth and its position may even be linked to patterns of scoliosis and curvature in the spine!

Traditional Osteopathic hands-on therapy provides hands-on techniques that have helped so many people literally clear their heads and BREATHE.

And, guess what? Congestion in this area isn’t optimal during the time of an epidemic that creates inflammation around the lungs behind the chest bone. Prevention through hands-on work can be key to better health! Just last week a new patient came in with constant sneezing, snoring, insomnia from the allergy drip and after one session she wrote me that she is instantly breathing better and having fewer allergies than usual. Years of chronic migrated towards resolve.

Sometimes, knowledge alone can support the heal thyself patterns. Education has its place in helping people improve.

Here’s an exercise to help you:

Carey Benenson Taussig Osteo
Rest elbows on table. Thumbs on roof of mouth and breath. Open pallet! Open sinuses!

Rest your elbows on the table and gently rest your head by putting your thumbs on the roof of your mouth. Don’t push, just rest your head on your thumbs and breath deeply for 2-3 minutes.

Opening the pallet can help!

In each newsletter, I will be writing about the interrelationships in the body. Why falling on your tailbone may result in headaches, allergies, and TMJ syndrome (jaw/bite issues.) Why hip pain may be the result of a whiplash injury over 20 years ago. Sometimes just connecting the dots is the right first step.

Supporting your upper respiratory system is key during this time. Sending healthy vibes your way!

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