OsteoinFlorence & Three Bodies Institute Unite Healing Forces with Exclusive Wellness Center

OsteoinFlorence & Three Bodies Institute Unite Healing Forces with Exclusive Wellness Center

All this can be found in Firenze in Piazza della Republicca

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Carey Benenson, osteopathCarey Benenson D.O., known as osteoinflorence and as seen and published in Massage Magazine, and founder and director of the Three Bodies Method™ Institute proudly introduces the new Quantum Health Clinical collaboration with RELAX Firenze.

Operating as Master Quantum Osteopath who specializes in working with chronic syndromes and quantum bioresonance of health internationally together with Dr. Ilaria di Donato, PhD owner and director of RELAX will lead as well the new BEWELL Collective Society, an exclusive group of lay(wo)man and professionals interested in supporting health, offering presentations seasonally at the exclusive wellness center to offer free educational lectures on how to self-care and support common and complicated healthcare concerns.

Three Bodies Method™ Institute

Three Bodies Method™ Institute, established in 2021, was born by unique and exclusive retreats labeled the Vortexes of Italy™ where participants experienced deep dive excursion retreats supported by world-renowned specialists and historians to stimulate quality wellness and regeneration. From the bees and the songs of the monks to the miracle frescos and family constellations in the forest, experienced profound inner change. Now, the retreat experience comes to you in Florence proper and can be organized to meet each individual’s need as they also receive alignment and balancing work to support the body, mind and spirit. I

In addition to the exclusive bio-annual retreats, now called BEWELL Collective retreats, the world-renowned practitioners who guide the intensives will now gather under the roof of RELAX Firenze quarterly to offer experiential lectures that help people reset into healthier patterns in the body. Lectures such as “Healing with the Saints” and “Menopause Reset Using EFT, Field Flowers, and Neuroplasticity” to name a few.

Extensive selection of services

Together with RELAX Firenze and with the flourishing demand of the online and in-person clinic, both Carey D.O. and Dr. di Donato will provide with the specialists an extensive menu of services including: full spectrum quantum osteopathic sessions, hair analysis and bioresonance, IEM (integrative energy medicine), Bach Flowers, Ayurveda, Movement with the Anatomy, holistic massages, family constellation “Talk to the Body,” and holistic massage.

These new services from osteopathic sessions to quantum medicine, to therapeutic reset sessions both on the three body method of care: structural (musculoskeletal, fluidic, and energetic bodies) containing not only symptoms of pain but also the emotional component with Dr. Donato. in the salt room and free herbology education. The aim is to support the community as participants learn how to balance hormonal change, beauty, fertility, immune support, chronic discomfort and more. Carey Benenson, D.O., in practice for 20 years has been published and has received prestigious international recognition for her knowledge of the importance of microcirculation she is enthusiastic about uniting forces with Dr. Ilaria di Donato, PhD, owner of RELAX, and is thrilled about the upcoming collaboration.

Upcoming specials and events

From Osteopathy and facials to English-speaking therapy sessions, RELAX is a center that stands on its own as an elevated clinic in Tuscany where people come in from all over the world to settle and who seek healing. WIN members are being offered to experience a Quantum session in the the one-of-a-kind Himalayan salt room where the upgrade fee will be waived as a gift for the launch of the Quantum clinic. The first free BEWELL Society event will be announced at the WIN Members Fair and is scheduled to follow the first-ever therapeutic laboratory intensive called “Family Constellations for Beauty and Weightloss” that will be held May 11, 2024 at RELAX Firenze with leading constellation expert Maria Spagnolli from Trento, IT.

For more information please refer to www.threebodiesinstitute.com or write to osteoinflorence@gmail.com

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