Introducing the Culture-Infused Podcast “15 with Fosca”

Introducing the Culture-Infused Podcast “15 with Fosca”

Exploring Italy’s Charms

Fosca D'Acierno, global mentor, and conductor of the podcast "15 with Fosca"Follow the “15 with Fosca” podcast with WIN Member FOSCA D’ACIERNO

As we venture into the serene waters of podcast creation, the story of ‘15 with Fosca’ emerges not as a meticulously planned venture, but rather, as a spontaneous outpouring of a profound passion. It was a yearning to connect the world not with the cobblestone paths and picturesque villas that dot Italy’s landscape but with the authentic beauty of its culture and its people, that laid the foundation for this unique foray into the world of audio storytelling.

In each carefully crafted episode, ’15 with Fosca’ presents a series of multi-faceted tales that intrigue, educate, and inspire the listener. Delving deep into Italy’s cultural scene, we shatter the clichés and stereotypes that often overshadow its multifaceted reality. From intimate conversations with local artisans to thought-provoking dialogues with influential figures, the podcast lays bare the heart and soul of this historic country.

Two of our Favorite Podcasts:

A Cultural Mélange: The Recovery Plan in Florence

One standout from our treasure trove of episodes features Justin Randolph Thompson, an American cultural facilitator whose endeavors have given birth to a Black cultural center known as The Recovery Plan in Florence. Justin’s extensive portfolio includes over 300 events, underscored by his vision to support Black art and artists. This bold initiative not only challenges the societal structure but also redefines Florence’s cultural landscape.

Breaking Boundaries: Daphne Di Cinto’s Cinematic Triumph

In another episode, we chronicle the journey of Daphne Di Cinto, a Black-Italian who has carved her path as a screenwriter, director, actor, and producer. Her directorial debut, ‘Il Moro-The Moor’, has not only won critical acclaim but has also resonated powerfully with audiences around the world. Daphne’s narrative embodies the spirit of pushing boundaries and illuminating the underrepresented facets of Italy’s multicultural society.

Staying Tuned for What’s to Come

As ‘15 with Fosca’ continues its odyssey, we invite you to subscribe and travel alongside us through future releases. Delve into conversations, and relish the essence of Italy, one episode at a time. In an ever-changing world, the podcast remains a steadfast companion for those seeking a richer perspective on Italy’s culture and community.

15 with Fosca March 2024 Podcast calendar

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