6 Top Tips for Improving your Action on Instagram

6 Top Tips for Improving your Action on Instagram

by Donna Denise Scharnagl

Want to maximize your engagement on Instagram in 2023?

Follow these newly minted rules (as of October 2023):

Keep it #HashtagShort: Instagram’s latest update suggests using only three hashtags per post for better visibility. Ditch those long lists and focus on keywords in your captions. The AI will connect you with like-minded users and boost your chances of landing on the Explore page.

App-solutely Edited: Say no to Capcut and TikTok imports! The AI can sniff out externally edited videos. Stick to in-app editing on Instagram, even though it has some flaws. It may be frustrating, but it ensures maximum engagement.

Post Like A Pro: Back to daily posting! Instagram’s algorithm has taken a U-turn and now favors accounts that post every day. Yes, it means more work without extra incentives, but hey, the algorithm demands it!

Stories That Tell: Don’t be spammy or invisible! Aim for 2-5 story posts daily to show your engagement with the platform. Strike the right balance and keep your audience intrigued.

Portrait Power: Leave the squares and landscapes behind if you want to rule Instagram reels. Embrace the portrait (9×16) shooting style to stand out and excel!

Reply Religiously: Engagement is key! Always like and reply to comments on your videos and posts. If possible, respond to every comment on your posts, especially within the first hour. Show your audience love and watch your engagement grow!

Get ready to make your Instagram game more engaging in 2024!

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