Speaker: Dr. Ing. BEN JANSEN, The Time Design

Speaker: Dr. Ing. BEN JANSEN, The Time Design

Dr. Ing. Ben Jansen October Speaker interviewed

Hostess, WIN Speaker Coordinator, Elena Moll

October 2021 Meeting speaker recap

by Elena Moll

Dr. Ing. BEN JANSEN, The Time Design : Women's International Network of Florence

We learned some very important things about TIME… and got some suggestions on how to make the best of it.


  1. We should not fear time, we should make it our friend.


  1. Women who are under pressure in a short amount of time suffer so much more than men because their veins and arteries feeding the heart are so much smaller


  1. Keep a diary as a record of what you have achieved, and write down your objectives and goals.


  1. Children at school, from 8 years old, should have TIME lessons so they can divide their time into time to study, time to play, time to do sport, time to relax and time to do chores, so it can be learnt at a very young age.


  1. The 100 hours work week is a great concept, and would allow everyone to choose their perfect working hours. A person with an early morning chronotype could work from 7am-2pm. Other people who are more productive in the evening could work from late afternoon until midnight. Factories and offices should open to permit this type of working, which would also alleviate traffic jams and queues for shops and services. Ultimately, it could make us all happier and more productive as we would be free to arrange our day according to our chronotype.

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