The OsteoinFlorence and the Car Accident

The OsteoinFlorence and the Car Accident

by Carey Benenson Taussig


I am meant to be on this planet. I have had times in my life when I have feared death. Feared the pain and symptoms of pathology that I have worked with as a clinician and an Osteopath. That one of those pathologies might ‘choose me’ one day. Nope, I’m meant to stay and the divinity of the universe saved me within millimeters in an accident where they had to cut the car to get me out.

I have healed many things in my body which has given me a level of compassion that my patients see in my eyes and feel in my hands. I have feared certain symptoms in my own body. I have healed so many things in myself and witnessed so many patients heal themselves through my work. But, this car accident was numero uno. Message received. It blessed me with a huge wake-up call filled with JOY and I am embracing the lessons it has presented.

I just will never forget. I was rolled into the hospital that ironically I had been rolled into almost 20 years prior to the day except this time I was checked in with a head trauma and abdominal pain. I had every scan known to man and they x-rayed every bone in my back and pelvis.

And, I’m ok.

The WIN community showed up for me. In a way even more then my own family. Warm meals arrived at my door, donations came in helping us with the financial disaster this imposed on my family due to not understanding our insurances (work and car.) The yoga class fundraiser was phenomenal to me. The support of WIN is something I have never experienced. I am one who has a harder time asking for things, asking for help. The typical ‘giver’ personality. This was remarkable, divine, incredible. The WIN of angels is what I experienced. The gifts and meals received filled in dents for me I never knew where there and I am forever grateful. Grateful for the lessons. Grateful for the warmth. Sisterhood far from home.

This experience has blown me open. They call me the “maga” around Florence. They tell me I’m a seer. But, with this accident my intuitive portal has been blown wide open even more and I feel like I am seeing everything. My ribs hurt and my head makes me do silly things like put potholders in the pasta water and do things twice in a row. It’s a little unnerving feeling dizzy, having rib pain, feeling the room spins and like I’m watching a film in my own reality but I feel amazingly aware of the quantum even more and I now know deep in my heart that the Creator of all things really wants me here. To do my thing. I know this is launching me into a new level and that what I am gaining my living more in the out of body ether space will serve me once I come back into my body and begin this new walk of life. I’m here to do my service and to work with love as a mother, a partner, an Osteopath, and a member of the community. (PayPal)

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