Allergies and Jumping

Allergies and Jumping

Tapping your Thymus for Allergies and Jumping on a Trampoline

Written by Carey Benenson Taussig

Did you know that often the issue around season allergies is simply the fact that the body isn’t draining itself properly and that the stress hormone cascade in the body creates an over-reactive charge to the immune system? The immune system needs to go to sleep when we do and calming down the nervous system while stimulating the immune system can be just the perfect formula indeed.

One of the simplest exercises may be to tap your thymus. Gently tapping around the top half of your chest bone in a circular motion while thinking about your favorite beach or mountain hike actually as though it were in an actual time where you are sensing all of the senses: feet in the sand, the smell of salty sea air or pine trees, the sun on your skin, the sound of the waves and birds…the brain will believe you and calm the nervous system down and potentially the production of inflammatory cytokines, the chemical messengers that stimulate the immune cells or direct them to regenerate and restore.

Creating a visual reality while tapping gently your chest bone can stimulate your immune system and calm down the nervous system. Deep breathing through the chest mirroring the ribs to move like the wings of the butterfly can also stimulate the vagus nerve which is your rest and digest nerve. Much ability to self-regulate is there and if practiced daily, especially the virtual reality mediation part, can have an effect on the reactivity of your cells.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that we need (especially in the morning hours) but if in overload causes restlessness, digestive issues, shortness of breath, interrupted sleep, and weight gain (belly mostly.)
Exercises like inducing the production of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine by hugging a teddy bear for 20 minutes to soft music that has a few drops of lavender or rose oil placed on its forehead while listening to soft music can counterbalance the stress cascade that has your immune system in a dance party 24/7. These exercises can be a potent exercise if applied daily. A combination of rose oil, lavender, and peppermint actually can help inhibit the production of cortisol. I buy shampoos that are ‘flavored’ in those aromas.

Here’s my last to help you:

Gently massage below and around your collarbones followed by some shoulder bones. If those bones are stuck your lymphatic system just cannot drain.

Oh, and a massage or adjustment around the area between your shoulder blades can help open up the upper and lower respiratory systems and heart. Go and see your local Osteopath for the application of techniques to the spine, lungs, collarbones, brain, and diaphragm to obtain results that hold. Work on your brain for better sleep by going to see your local Osteopath for cranial work around the brain that h

Opening the pallet can help!

In each newsletter, I will be writing about the interrelationships in the body. Why falling on your tailbone may result in headaches, allergies, and TMJ syndrome (jaw/bite issues.) Why hip pain may be the result of a whiplash injury over 20 years ago. Sometimes just connecting the dots is the right first step.

Supporting your upper respiratory system is key during this time. Sending healthy vibes your way!

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