Why have my straightened teeth turned crowded again

Why have my straightened teeth turned crowded again

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Why have my straightened teeth turned crowded again?

By Dr. Elena Speranza Moll

Why have my straightened teeth turned crowded again :: by Dr. Elena Speranza MollBecause probably they failed to tell you that the end-result of your orthodontic treatment was not like a painting fixed to a wall, “destined to hang there for the next 200 years”. The fantastic Smile you finished with would not last forever if they had not explained to you that your body is in perpetual motion. Teeth hang and float in the jawbone.

This means that very small and continuous forces of tongue, lips or an erupting wisdom tooth can move and change the position of your teeth again. If you have not worn a night guard as maintenance of the orthodontic treatment, they were destined to go back to the former position. Because yes, Teeth remember where they first were….

So what are the Solutions, if you want your Perfect Smile back?

Answer: Custom made invisible trays that gently reposition your teeth and without anybody noticing it, you will rid your mouth of the New York Skyline. No pain or discomfort. No emergencies of detached brackets and metal arches that pinch your cheeks. Good oral hygiene and no post-treatment cavities.

It is a great idea and if you are interested and would like some more information call or come and visit Dental Studio Moll to have a 3D Scan made that shows you a Smile Design which anticipates the result with the Invisalign Orthodontic treatment.

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