2 Minute Elevator Speech

2 Minute Elevator Speech



by Elia Nichols

Elia Nichols: Public speaking & Communications Coach :: Womens International NetworkYou’ve been told that you have 2 minutes to introduce your business to the fabulous women of WIN at the upcoming Women’s Member’s Fair, and you are terrified!!! “TWO MINUTES?!?! That’s nothing!”

Don’t fret. Here are a few clues on how to keep it short, simple and sassy enough to keep our attention, whet our appetites, and leave us wanting to know more about you and your business!

1. Before you start: Prepare.

The first step is to decide how you will make sure the presentation of your business fits into 2 minutes. That means writing your presentation out word for word, or by writing a clear outline. Then, using the timer on your phone, practice your presentation a few times to make sure you are within the 2-minute limit.

2. Use the first TEN seconds to…

Get their attention. Every great presentation starts with a bang. It’s important that this “bang” actually ties in to the topic you will address. It can be a fascinating fact, a thoughtful quote, a shocking finding or a photograph. Practice it. Get your “bang” down perfectly. Anyone listening should be ready to hear the main point, yet people need a few seconds to adjust to your speaking style, the environment, and even the lighting. You are preparing them for the topic. Give them 10-15 seconds of “bang” to adjust, and then you can start into the real presentation of your business.

3. First Minute: Summarize the topic

or idea in exactly 60 seconds. You now have the attention of everyone in the room. Use it wisely. Introduce your business. Explain exactly what you are selling, explaining, or discussing with the group within the next 50-60 second window. Get it polished but not overly scripted. If you can’t explain your business in 60 seconds, cut it down until you are able to.

4. Add 1-2 sentences of supporting details.

You have the audience’s attention and they’ve heard the gist of your point. Now add 1-2 sentences of supporting material. If you’re a yoga teacher, you can use this time to give a brief idea of what happens during a typical lesson or to describe the types of equipment you have or the special types of yoga you offer. If you are a tour guide, name a few of the most popular tours that you lead. If you are a caterer, whet our appetites with some of your favorite and best dishes that you cook!

5. Last 30 seconds: Benefits and Call to Action

Very briefly state why we should choose you, what the benefits are if we choose you, and give us a call to action. A good example:

So if you have no idea how to use social media, but you know your business needs it, call me! OR If you are interested, please come and talk to me later on this evening, or take a look at my website: www.Irock.com.

Keep this lively and fast-paced.

And…that’s it. You’re done. Two minutes flies by!

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