Anxious restless nervous?  

Anxious restless nervous?  

Anxious restless nervous?

by Lisa Robbins

No one likes those horrid wobblies, when there’s nothing solid to stand on.  If we’re challenged by a serious threat (tiger about to pounce, cliffside an inch away) our adrenaline kicks in to keep us safe. But often an increased pulse rate, difficulty with sleep or appetite, breathlessness and sweating arise for more innocuous reason. And won’t go away. We worry about what will happen or what has happened. We fixate on an event or an object. We hamster wheel around and around, fretting, sweating.  Ba boom! A heart pumping hyperventilating panic attack! Over time, constant jitters become crippling.  To cope, we act in compulsive ways, withdraw from scary socializing, reach for a calming drug.

Anxiety is one of the most common afflictions that we confront.

Reach for a natural, healthy remedy. Holistic, refined and without side effects, homeopathy works beautifully.  Here are a few top choices:

Performance anxiety or fear about a new start.  You may crave sweets, feel worse if the room is hot and stuffy. Tummy may bloat easily. Lycopodium

Skittish as a racehorse? Scare easily (do thunderstorms make you jump?)  Are you hyper sensitive to others? Do you seek and benefit from kindly reassurance. Phosphorous.

Dwelling on sad events, shunning comfort, preferring you own company so you can cry alone? Nat mur.

The ‘Five Phos’ Cell  (tissue) salts effectively  ease the nerves mentally and physically: Calc phos, Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Mag phos,  and Nat phos

Natural solutions include eating oats, cutting out stimulants (tea, coffee) avoiding situations that unseat you, looking at supplements like Vitamin B complex , Calcium and Magnesium.

I recommend remedies that address the apprehension naturally and with long-lasting effect. Homeopathy also works alongside conventional medicines, if you go that route. You may eventually replace the meds with this effective holistic alternative.

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