Spotlight Member for March 2024: Alyson Morgan

Spotlight Member for March 2024: Alyson Morgan

by Victoria De Maio

Alyson Morgan

How Passion and a Dream Led Alyson from California to Tuscany!


From a (very) small town in Northern California, learn how early memories of her Dad making wine, an influential high school teacher, a trip to Europe and a love of agriculture and genetics all intersected  to pave Alysons path to wine making in Chianti Classico Country!

Passion for agriculture and then genetics introduced to the world and a dream?

Perfect example of how life can offer unexpected opportunities and ignite new dreams.


Small town to big world!

Born in the very small town of Westport (population 35!) in Northern California, in Mendocino County,

Alyson has early memories of her Dad making wine and a love of agriculture.

In high school, she was blessed with a very special teacher whose parents were from Italy but had married a hometown boy.  She was the high school Spanish teacher but when she and six others asked if she would tutor them in Italian, it led to three years of Italian, art history/humanities and more…In her junior year of high school, Alyson went with her on a trip to Europe.

Coincidentally, her summer job in her hometown summer job as live in-chef for an influential California Ag family put her in contact with many prominent professors and farmers from the central valley.

Hearing stories about the first developments in rice growing and tomato farming fascinated her and led her to apply to UC Davis in the agricultural genetics.

Needless to say, there were life changing experiences! A germ, a seed of a dream to move overseas…was planted…

Ah-ha Moment!

AT UC Davis, she pursued her interest in and passion for agriculture and agricultural genetics resulted in studies in  molecular and cellular biology/genetics.

During her studies (from 1994-1997) she got a job in a lab studying fruit flies in the Evolution and Ecology department.

1997 was a pivotal year for Alyson…It was during a fruit fly collection trip to Napa that she realized the kind of place where she wanted to live and the “ah-ha” moment when she decided to work in grape genetics. When she finished the fruit fly publication, she began studies/research into resistance rootstocks.

During the summer she started working for Kendall Jackson at their Mendocino estate as a cellar rat (harvest worker) learning every aspect the business.


A New Major… A New Life!

In 1998, Alyson petitioned to double major at UC Davis in genetics and the newly combined majors – viticulture and enology (grape growing and fermentation/science).

At the same time she worked at Kendall Jackson (in Anderson Valley) and, in summer 1998, had the opportunity to visit their winery in Italy.

That summer she and her sister traveled to Italy to meet a friend and interview with the Kendall Jackson winery, Tenuta di Arceno. (And she happened to meet her future husband!).

Back in California she worked at the Kendall Jackson winery the rest of the summer but 10 days after graduation from UC Davis (1999) she moved to Italy to start work at Tenuta di Arceno and started dating her husband.

Since leaving Tenuta di Arceno in 2000, Alyson worked at several wineries learning and working every aspect of the winemaking production/business and management.




Since 2012, as Winemaker and Director, Alyson continues to oversee all aspects of wine production and management at Podere Capaccia, Radda in Chianti, where they produce four labels: Chianti Classico, the Riserva and two Supertuscans in the Classic Chianti tradition.
Enthusiastic and dedicated, Alyson successfully juggles her passion for winemaking and her family!

It was so delightful to get to know Alyson and how generous to bring oh so pleasing to the palate vino from Podere Capaccia for us to enjoy! I can’t wait to visit and taste all of their wines!



Podere Capaccia

Located in: Radda in Chianti, Siena, Italy

Learn more:



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