Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail

Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail

Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail


by Lisa Robbins


When your body needs water, it lets you know.  It’s said that chronic dehydration is the origin of many illnesses and most pain. Homeopathy offers a natural, no side effects treatment that prevents and lessens water loss and symptoms and can eliminate them.

Moderate signs include thirst and dry mouth, fatigue, less urination and a darker yellow when you pee. You may have a headache or dizziness when you get up. Your skin is often papery dry.  You may be constipated.

Here’s a Rehydration Cell Salt Cocktail that rebalances the electrolytes naturally. Cell salts are can address physical symptoms like those above. They are for a range of conditions – supporting teeth and bone health, nerve pain, muscle cramps, water retention, skin problems and gut health.  They are safe:  you can’t overdose as the amount in each tablet is so tiny.  Also called Tissue Salts, they can be used alongside homeopathic remedies and conventional medicines.

  • small half-litre bottle (of filtered water
  • juice of one lemon or lime, preferably half of each
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • the following three cell salts/tissue salts*
  • optional smidgeon of honey if you need it

crush one tablet each of three specific cell salt tablets into a powder between two clean spoons or using a mortar and pestle:

  • Nat mur  D6**  to balance and distribute fluids through body
  • Nat phos D6     to regulate the acid/alkaline balance
  • Kali phos D6    a nerve nutrient when you’re worn out and exhausted

*Cell salts, also called tissue salts, are nutritive biochemical supplements with minute traces of the twelve minerals that are in our cells, the main constituents of our bones, blood, muscles and organs. They address everything from exhaustion due to lack of hydration through nerve pain and gut health.

**6X in UK and US

For a daily hydration drink that energises your cells follow the above recipe leaving out the cell salts.     

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