Suppress and Drive Deeper; why homeopathy welcomes Redbeard

Suppress and Drive Deeper; why homeopathy welcomes Redbeard

by Lisa Robbins

Suppress and Drive Deeper; why homeopathy welcomes Redbeard

Say someone has an itchy skin rash on her chin. Wearing a mask covers it up. But she still looks like Redbeard when the mask comes off. After a visit to the doctor, her rash disappears because she rubbed on the prescribed steroidal cream. Tra la, she’s cured! A few months later her stomach begins acting up; problems with digestion – intestinal cramps, bloating and gas, heartburn after eating – prompt a second doctor’s visit for an antiacid. Huge relief, after a course of these! A long while later, abdominal pains return, this time, with joint pains. She’s often tired and the whites of her eyes have a yellow tinge. Hepatitis B is diagnosed, an inflammation of the liver.

A conventional doctor sees no relation between the skin rash, the digestive problem and the compromised liver. Three pathologies, completely separate. That’s because he’s treating symptoms, not the patient.

A homeopath connects the three. Suppressing the skin disorder forces the problem inward. First, to a second level, where the body tries to rid itself of this pathogen via mucous membranes. Excretions from the digestive tract, (or the nose, the eyes or the genitals), eliminate toxins. But if digestive symptoms are subdued, a third, deeper stage of pathology often manifests in an organ, in this case, the liver.

Suppression may cure a symptom but doesn’t allow the whole body to reestablish equilibrium. If the patient takes the right homeopathic remedy, her stomach problems disappear AND the original skin rash ultimately disappears, too.  A homeopath treats her holistically, using symptoms to find the best way in.

To suppress, from the Latin supprimmere or pressed under, means to put an end to activities, or to a practice or custom, to stop a flow, a haemorrhage, a cough. Politically speaking, we suppress a revolt. Which may later erupt into a full-blown war.

Many of my patients have histories of suppressing illness with medications, antibiotics or surgery. The drugs dull the pain, the surgery cuts it out; they can get on with things. But later, the illness often returns in a more serious guise. As a homeopath, I welcome Redbeard, an acute surface illness that signals the root cause. The right remedy addresses the underlying problem, and can cure without side-effects. This centuries-old, natural system of medicine trusts that the body knows what to do.  To unmask what’s underneath and tend to it, get in touch for a complimentary half hour:



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